Nenad Dobrilović

Project Portfolio


Roche Diagnostics International Ltd


Feb 2022

System Architect

Low Code Enablement Platform

LEAP is low-preferred platform to bring legacy systems to modern times based on Outsystems. It has enabled coders and savvy business users to build and deploy over 170 apps, without the risk and the cost of traditional approaches.

I streamlined data synchronisation between the low-code platform and backend systems, resulting in a significant decrease in data transfer times and improved overall system performance. Additionally, I introduced ADR process and led team of 6 developers through execution of 8 ADRs in total.

[Outsystems, AWS]

Sep 2018

System Architect

cobas Infinity Edge

Lead Architect in the product development project, with a goal is to create cloud based backbone that connects medical devices and the Data Management System wherever they are physically located. Since the system is transferring sensitive medical data over the cloud, the first quality attribute for the product is defined as security. Special attention is made to protect patient privacy and to respect all relevant laws and regulations.

I was driving alignment across products within the POC IT program and participating in defining overall solution architecture for the next version of the system. Supported project architecture and managing feasibility studies for the next version of the system.

[Java, C#, Angular, Restful web services, Microsoft Azure, IoT, Event Hub]

Jun 2018

Software Project Leader Assistant

cobas Synergy

The cobas Synergy Pooling Manager optimises end-to-end workflow for the large laboratories which use other instruments from the cobas family.

I led the effort to update OS images to the newest Windows versions, incorporating latest security standards and FDA regulations, which also includes optimising installation procedure to remove a large number of manual steps. As a result, the installation time is lowered from two days to just couple of hours, and the manual from over 800 pages to just 100.

[Stratec Data Manager, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10]

Jan 2018

Software Project Leader

cobas 6800/8800

The cobas 6800/8800 System is a flagship, next-generation molecular testing platform, aimed for the medium and high throughput laboratories. It encompasses a data and workflow management and a cluster of instruments for NAT and pooling of test orders.

I led the update of the Utility Channel Tool to use all four available channels instead of only two. Also, from the technical side, I drove improvements of specific units of the system: common and core components, device management, maintenance scheduler, update manager, context sensitive help, etc.

[C#, .Net 4.5, Visual Studio 2013, Oracle 10g, DevExpress, Silverlight, WCF]

Jun 2015

Software Project Leader

cobas 4800

The cobas 4800 System automates nucleic acid purification, PCR set-up and real-time PCR amplification and detection to help small laboratories to achieve maximum efficiency. It is based on the Hamilton Star instrument and the Roche light-cycler LC480.

I managed important product care projects, such as Channel-Shift hot-fix, the maintenance release 2.1, and service patches: HPV 2.0, Buffer overflow, Results Screen performance degradation, Invalid Counter. Also a CAPA case coordinator for high importance issues.

[C#, .Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2010, Oracle 10g, DevExpress, Windows Forms, TDD, LIS]

September 2012

Senior Software Engineer


DMCore is the software platform designed for the rapid development of the medical diagnostics systems. It encompasses common units responsible for management of data, workflows, users, devices, auditing, logging, security, etc.

I managed complete product maintenance cycles, from requirements elicitation, over developing new features and bug fixes, testing on the unit and functional levels, up to the building and delivering documentation, following complex regulations and guidances in order to achieve high quality, reliability and safety required for medical devices.

[C#, .Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2010, Oracle 10g, DevExpress, Windows Forms]

Jun 2011

Senior Software Engineer

LightCycler 1536

The Roche Light-Cycler 1536 is the instrument for PCR amplification and detection which is able to process 96 samples in one go, due to the smaller volume of the wells.

I upgraded the system to the newest version of the DMCore platform and added a LIS connectivity, which enabled the instrument to be used within automated laboratories.

[C#, .Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, Firebird, DevExpress, Windows Forms, LMIS]





Team Lead

Sony Ericsson Statistics Server

Designed distributed client-server solution for collecting and storing information of interest from Android devices, in order to create big data as a basis for employing machine learning. The system is highly customisable and modular and is able to work in any existing network condition. The collected big data is stored in a form to be ready to be consumed for machine learning and other purposes.

[Java, Android, Netbeans, Glassfish, Derby, Restful, JSON, XML]


Team Lead

Sony Ericsson Conversation Assistant

Created backend side of the system which generates conversation proposals for selected contacts from the Android phone. The system collects big data from Facebook and Twitter on user’s behalf and performs Named Entities Recognition and Sentiment Analysis in order to understands what are the contact’s interests. Collected big data forms the knowledge base for the Machine Learning system which generates final conversation proposals based on the mutual interests.

[Java, Android, Hibernate, Eclipse, Google Guice, Facebook API, Twitter API, Restful WS, JSON, XML, Mahout, Hadoop]


Solutions for Human Capital



Team Lead

Wyeth Safety Database Migration

Managed a six members team of developers to transform and migrate safety database in Oracle from the Wyeth's S3 system to the Pfizer's Argus system. I also coded a core migration modules

[Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Toad]


Senior Software Developer

Serbian Bankruptcy Agency Electronic Reporting System Off-Line Client

Designed .Net Windows Forms off-line client which is used by agents in  the field to enter the data and the server side unit in Java which receives data from the off-line clients and stores them to the database.

[.Net 3.5, C#, Visual Studio 2008, Java, Eclipse, MySQL Hibernate, Alfresco CMS, XML]


Senior Software Developer

Collaboration System

The collaboration system is the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) complement system that unifies access to Documentum, Alfresco and SharePoint through single interface in Outlook. 

I designed the client side as the Outlook add-in which enables users to access all theirs documents, contacts and other items through the Outlook interface and in that way eliminates the need of using any other clients except Outlook.

[C#, MS Visual Studio 2008, .Net 3.5, Outlook 2003/2007, VSTO 3.0, MOSS 3.0, DCTM, Alfresco, Java, Eclipse]


Asseco SEE



Senior Software Developer

Banking Platform Revolution

Revolution is a platform for rapid development of the financial applications based on Microsoft stake of technologies. I designed and built modules which dynamically generates C# classes from the UML model, SQL script to create a database and Entity Framework files that connects both sides. I also designed the Maintenance Engine generator, a unit that generates C# code for the maintenance transactions for selected domain object. The generated code also creates undo operations, adds logging and maintains history info.

[C#, .Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, T-SQL, MS SQL Server 2008, Entity Framework, WCF, WF, MDD]


Info Technology Supply



Software Developer

My PC Boot Loader

I developed custom made Gina.dll, a vital part of Windows XP boot-up process in order to allow logging to MyPC server with the Windows credentials during the booting up time. I also created a custom made debugging system, as the normal was accessible during the booting up.

[C++, Visual Studio 2003]


Software Developer

My PC Auto Upgrade System

I designed and developed a distributed, multi-tier system for deployment of software installations, application patches and customisation packages to a large number of connected clients from one central location. I defined requirements together with the product manager, coded and tested the application, and wrote a user documentation.

[C#, .Net 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, TCP/IP, WinForms, Remoting, TDD]





Software Developer

Vlatacom Document Reader Device Driver & SDK

I developed a device driver in C++ and the SDK in C# for the Vlatacom Document Verification device. It enabled easy and reliable use of the device for the ID document reading and verification using friendly API.

[C++, C#, Visual Studio .Net, COM, TCP/IP]


Software Developer

Vlatacom Document Verifier

Windows Form application used for verification of ICAO compliant IDs and travel documents by the Serbian police on the border crossings. It uses TCP/IP protocol for communication with a device and in-house libraries for document scanning and information extraction.

I developed a module to read machine readable zone (MRZ) on the ICAO complain ID documents.

[C#, .Net 1.1, WinForms, TCP/IP]


Software Developer

Auto Vehicle Location System

AVL is a distributed, multi-platform system for automatic vehicle tracking and remote control created for the Serbian PTT. The client is coded it as Windows Forms application in C# using MapInfo ActiveX component for displaying maps and in-house made .NET libraries for communication with GPS devices over GSM network. The client talks to server using proprietary TCP/IP based protocol.

I created, beside other units, a dynamic, message driven GUI system contained of smart GUI controls and the runtime that can define a layout in the runtime based on the XML definition. Each control can receive and send messages and adapt its behaviour depends on the message content and the current mode.

[C#, .Net 1.0, Visual Studio .Net, WinForms, ActiveX, COM, GPS, GSM, MySQL] 






Android QR Reader

Developed Android QR/1D barcode reader which decodes various 2D and 1D barcodes. Data is stored locally and also sent to the remote server using Restful Web Services.

[Java, Android, Eclipse, ZXing, Restful Web Services]


Pick'em Pays

NBA Pro Pick’em

Developed server side of the network game with Android and iPhone clients and the server running on .Net 4.0 platform. The system includes also ASP.NET Administration web site which allows administration of users and games, along with the custom made reporting module which generates reports in Excel and text files. Also created Apple Notification Server provider to send notifications to iPhone clients.

[.Net 4.0, MS Visual Studio 2010, MS Sql Server 2008, Excel, APN, Linq, Entity Framework, Android, iPhone]


Evolution On-Line


Ellectra-Web is EU sponsored Open Source Application Framework for electronic Public Procurement. As a team leader of the Serbian team I managed communication with other part of the multicultural and international team. I also design framework unit that dynamically creates PDF and HTML documents based on the database content.

[Java, Eclipse, MDD, MOFScript, Apache FOP]


Evolution On-Line

Online Exam Application, Law Faculty

Designed and developed the ASP.NET Web Application that enables on-line application and payment of the exams for the Law Faculty of Belgrade University. The application connects to the bank through secure channel and can transfer the required amount from student’s bank account to school’s bank account.

[C#, ASP.NET 2.0, MS SQL Server 2000, Visual Studio 2003]


Evolution On-Line

GSM Locator

Design and developed a location based backend server for the location reporting using GSM network. It uses the Mobile Location Protocol (MLP) protocol to receive a mobile location from the GSM Location Server, and the Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol to receive and send SMS messages using TCP/IP protocol.

[C#, .Net 1.1, Visual Studio 2003, MLP, SMPP, GSM, TCP/IP]